T2W Saturday - November 22

Ladies You're Invited:

Join us for our last T2W Saturday until January 2015! Come enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or a bite to eat as we share stories, laugh, pray, study God's Word and encourage one another!

Saturday, November 22


WazUp Coffee House, 1340 N. Nelson Dr., Derby

      We are asking ladies to bring non-perishable, individually wrapped snack items for ICTSOS (or drop them by the office if they can't attend).

For more information about T2W Saturday, contact Stefani here.

Details about this month's outreach:

ICT S.O.S. is a community effort to fight human trafficking in the Wichita area through prevention, education, volunteers and resources to support the work of professional agencies.

This November PBC Women are helping ICT S.O.S. collect individually wrapped snacks, drinks and portable meals to support multiple partner agencies.  One common need they all have right now is FOOD. Whether that is for kiddos waiting for therapy appointments, police interviews or foster placement, older youth dropping in to the OZ drop-in center, women awaiting a sexual assault exam or homeless folks being helped by the HOT team with a bus ride across country back to family in another state- they ALL eat. A snack and something to drink are often the first steps to conversation, comfort and healing.
Here’s what we’re asking for: 

1 Gallon Zip Lock Bags
Granola Bars
Trail Mix
Easy Mac-type microwaveable meals.
Pop Tarts
Cheese & Beef Sticks
Tuna & Cracker Kits
Crackers with Peanut Butter or Cheese Spread
Fruit Snacks
Goldfish/Teddy Grahams
Cereal Bars
Fruit Cups
Juice Boxes
Bottled Water

All items should be non-perishable.

For more information about ICT S.O.S. visit ICTSOS.org