Making The Big M.O.V.E.

"Think of something scary or adventurous you have overcome and write it down." That's how we opened our last Titus 2 Women Saturday for the spring. What would you have written?

Maybe something reckless you did with thrill and excitement comes to mind? Or possibly memories of having to face unknown circumstances that were beyond your control like illness, loss, or moving away from loved ones is what popped up? Whatever our memory, I think we can all agree that scary and adventurous events can be exciting but also play on our fears. Oftentimes that fear is fear of the unknown and our lack of control in the situation.

During T2W we read about a woman from the Bible who certainly can relate to us and our fear of the unknown.'s a story of Family, Companionship, Selflessness and God's Faithfulness! The Book of Ruth was set in the turbulent days when judges ruled and a severe famine was in the region. In it we learned how Ruth, now a widow, responded to the opportunity to physically move and leave her family and her false God's to go with her mother in law, Naomi, to Bethlehem.

We encourage you to read Ruth yourself and if you have many times before, go ahead and read it again! God's Word is alive and active (Hebrews 4:12) and may mean something new to you now. Ask God to show you how Ruth's move and how He provided for her may correlate to something He may be asking you to do.

The Lord may not be asking you to leave all your loved ones and move to a foreign country. Could He be asking you to make a move that could impact His kingdom right where you are? I believe He does this regularly in a Christian's life but do we always listen and move on it? Moving in a direction to serve God can be uncomfortable, make us anxious, and reluctant to leave our comfort zone. However, allowing God to move us in the direction He has for us can also be exciting, empowering and encouraging to others watching our transformation...similar to how Ruth was. (Ruth 1:19 & 2:11)

We may not say it verbally but often our actions say, "I like where I am and I don't want to change. Where I am makes me feel safe from being hurt or looking foolish." Sometimes we show this by avoiding serving in an area at church or a position that may hold us to a higher level of accountability or require a greater sacrifice. Maybe we won't let go of an area of service and be willing to see a new vision leadership may have for the church as a whole. Our desire to stay in our comfort zone can also keep us from appreciating and embracing current systems and practices that are effective to the church ministry.  This is a gray area so let's not stay stuck here because every situation will look different. What God may be calling someone else to do may not be what He asks you to do. Moving towards God's purpose for you is NOT a One Size fits All! All the advice we can give is to pray and ask God for direction.

So what is it you may be holding onto that keeps you from moving and living for the Lord? What is He asking you to do? That's our prayer and mission this summer here at PBC Women that ALL of us will seek the Lord and find our calling! Just as Ruth CHOSE to trust God and He used her faithfulness, so can we CHOOSE to trust Him and be used by Him as well!!!

The question is though, "How do I know if the nudge I feel is God's direction for me?" "How do I overcome this anxiety and fear I have about changes coming?" Like stated above, prayer is key but also Scripture has a lot to say about decision making and following God's plan during a time of transition.

Here is an Acronym to help you. Make sure to grab your own reminder in a handy bookmark at the information center outside the office door.


M- Meditate ....and Pray for a deeper understanding of what God may be doing or calling you to do. Also, be in God's Word to reflect on His faithfulness.
Psalm 119:27
O- Opportunity Be wise to carefully consider the opportunity and make the most of it.
Colossians 4:4-6, Ephesians 5:15-16, Galatians 6:10
V- Value See the value in the possible sacrifice and the people impacted by it.
Philippians 2:3
E-Endurance Be motivated to endure & embrace a move by your faith and hope in Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 1:3

Let's be in prayer together ladies and be ready to MOVE and be used by God in powerful ways for His glory!!!!

Seeking Him,
Stef Roach