Steeped in Blessings Brunch

April 29th
10 am - 12 pm
Pleasantview Baptist Church

Tickets: $5.00

Post by Sarah Hutchinson

One of my fondest memories growing up was the Mother/Daughter banquets at church. It was a moment to get together and observe the many depths of relationships between other women. It was a joy watching cross-generational external relationships that had developed beyond family ties. We all have people in our lives we count as blessings and likewise bless others. It is foundational within the church to fellowship and share communion with one another. Thus sparked the question in my heart, why doesn't PBC have a similar event?
As often is the case, God will lay something on your heart because He wants you to do something about it. I just didn't realize He really meant me!! After inquiring a few different times, it was pointedly asked, "Why don't you get something planned?" So there we have it...the inspiration behind our Steeped in Blessings Brunch.

My prayer is for my daughters to develop relationships with other Godly women who will inspire and encourage them in their walk with the Lord. I also want to be that example to others. We never realize who we might bless just by being present. Sometimes we don't even realize how much we deserve to be blessed. I encourage you to join us on April 29th from 10-12 and be steeped in the blessings we have in each other. Come, pour out your lives to one another!

"Whatever the shape of your teapot,
Whatever the flavor of your tea,
God can still mightily pour you out
To refresh another in need."